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Harry Potter Theme played on three Native American Flutes

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We hope you love this spooky rendition of Harry Potter's theme (aka Hedwig's Theme) played on three different Native American flutes spanning three octaves! The flutes used in this recording at the following... Little Crow Flute: http://bit.ly/jl-little-crow Little Horse Flute: http://bit.ly/jl-little-horse Low Am flute by Brad Young: http://www.4windflutes.com/ ******************** ????️ ONLINE LEARNING FOR THE NATIVE FLUTE ????️ Work with me through e-courses, tutorials, virtual workshops and 1:1 Lessons: http://bit.ly/jl-flute-lessons Just starting out? This is for you: https://bit.ly/jl-BYJ ???? WRITE BETTER SONGS, FASTER ???? Songwriting Shortcuts for the Native American Flute: http://bit.ly/jl-songwriting-ebook ???? FREE 4-DAY EMBELLISHMENT WALKTHROUGH ???? You’ll learn 4...
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