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Slytherins Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton talk lockdown. part 1

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Retired deatheaters Lucius and Draco Malfoy, aka Jason Isaacs (me) and Tom Felton (the young one), connect across the world to share their fears, hopes and tactics in the #covid19 crisis. Inspired by the @BritishRedCross, who want us to keep talking because we're all in this together. They also need to keep their services going for the most vulnerable and helpless in the country. If you want to help in any way - food, time, money, phone calls - anything - get involved. You'll be glad you did: https://reserves.redcross.org.uk #PowerOfKindness #PhoneAFriend #HarryPotter #Slytherin @tomfelton Who will you call @jk_rowling? x...
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