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The Last Follower Official Trailer 2019 (A Harry Potter Fan Film)

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This is Pakistan's first ever fan made hary potter film.Hope you like our work and support us. Supported By Digital Realm Director/Cinematographer/Editor : Waleed Akram Written By : Waleed Akram & Umer Darr VFX Head: Zeeshan Hameed Production Head Ibrahim Hassan Production Head 2: Sheikh Mubashir Production Assistant 1: Hammad Javed Production Assistant 2 : Hammad Arshad Associate Director : Ibrahim Hassan Assistant Director : Sheikh Mubashir Production Photographer: Aiza Butt Props & Costume Head: Wajeeha Abid Produced By: Umer Darr & Waleed Akram Cast : Umer Darr, Jazib Akram, Mariam Hassan Naqvi, Talha Chahour, Dua Mariam, Arooba Usmani, Sheikh...
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